AFX 120 ohm Controller (Mega G+)


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This is the AFX HO Slot Car 120-Ohm Controller. The new 120-ohm controller is a great upgrade for older sets. It has the standard orange AFX connector, which is compatible with any AFX set produced since 1980.


  • Re-designed, full radius trigger – Makes pulling the trigger easy and comfortable
  • Re-shaped wiper arm – Feels much smoother and more precise
  • 20% lighter spring tension – Let’s you react faster and easier
  • Larger handle housing with improved venting – Keeps your hands cooler
  • New, improved internal geometry – Reduces stress on key parts to increase durability and comfort
  • Recessed handle seam – You hardly feel where the two halves of the handle come together
  • Orange AFX connector – Plugs right in to any AFX set produced since 1980