Viper V1 Chassis SG+ Upgrade


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The “V1” is a multipurpose inline platform that is based on the very popular and successful Tomy Super G+.  The V1 is the ultimate upgrade for any Super G+.  It can also be used to build a high performance race car for multiple classes.      All parts from the Super G+ are interchangeable with the V1 chassis with the only exception being the thicker traction magnets (Pro 4 Included). Chassis will accept stock Tomy body clip or F1 bodies. The V1 is lower, lighter, more durable and FASTER!!!        Specs: 
  • Rear axle pin hole locators.  Allows easy pinning of rear axle
  • Lightened rear end features.
  • Handling ‘tunnels’ under the chassis.  Area was relieved several thousandths to allow clearance for high rails.  Mimics a sanded chassis effect. Lightened front end features.
  • Front bumper.
  • Lightened timing bracket.
  • Chassis clip has relief cutout for ease of rear bushing oiling.
  • Chassis has more generous dimensions in the motor box that eliminates Tomy ceramic motor magnet binding.  Eliminates the need to sort ceramic motor magnets according to length.  
  • Comes with V1 chassis without molded post, magnet clip, lightweight timing bracket and Pro 4 traction magnets.