Viper Stage I PolyMod RTR


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The Viper Stage I PolyMod is a killer RTR car. This car features numerous high performance parts and has been professionally assembled and tested. Car is ready for your favorite lexan body. These cars are extremely fast and require upgraded power supplies. 
  • V1 High Performance Firm Chassis, Clip and bracket CLICK HERE PINNED REAR AXLE EXPLAINED
  • Razor™ Front end
  • 2.5 Ohm Wide Gap high temp Armature
  • Big Brush Tweaked Endbell with CNC Bronze Bushings
  • Pro 10 HT Magnet package
  • CNC Machined VSR rear end setup
  • Sized Albino PST™ Tires
  • Great for Entry level CMPM racing and Home sets with upgraded power (2 amps per lane minimum) 
  • Track Tested
  • Fastest Production Slot car currently made