Viper Jet™ 2.0


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 The Viper Jet™ 2.0 is based on the highly popular and successful V1 platform with a combination of CNC machined brass weights and machined traction weights. This car is designed to be run on 12 volts and packs a ton of fun. Cars are very drivable and don’t require CAT like reflexes of today’s modern inline magnet cars. The V1 platform is fully upgradable and all parts are 100% replaceable. We’re very excited for this version of the V1 to hit the tracks all over the world. This car is in continuous development. 
  • V1 Flex Chassis, Lightweight Bracket, Magnet Clip CLICK HERE PINNED REAR AXLE EXPLAINED
  • Viper Jet™ Razor Front End
  • Viper 5.8 ohm Armature
  • Pro  4 motor magnets
  • Viper Jet™ Sized PST™ Rear Tires
  • CNC Machined Brass front Weights
  • Heavy weight traction weight (No more round weights popping out)
  • Viper Speed mesh gearset with T boss and 1 pcs Bronze spacer