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The Retro V combines modern precision with an old school feel. Based on the Viper V1 platform, the Retro V is brass weighted and has zero magnetic downforce thanks to our hybrid motor magnet design.  This hybrid design allows the car to slip and slide like HO slot cars of the 60s and 70s. These cars are so much fun and provide a racing experience like no other. For those of you that really want to drive the socks off a car here you go.  Recommended voltage is 10 to 18volts depending on track size. The Retro V works great on Tomy track along with Routed tracks. Can you handle it? Lots of fun! (Driver heads are no longer included 12/1/22)
  • V1 High Performance Chassis 
  • Brass Weights
  • High Performance Electrical
  • Razor™ Front end
  • 6 Ohm Armature
  • Hybrid Motor Magnets (Zero  Downforce)  
  • CNC Machined VSR rear end setup
  • Sized Production PST™ Tires
  • Great for Club racing and Home sets
  • Lightweight Lexan Body
  • Sequenced Numbers 1-12 (Collect them all)

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