Razor Front End Setup


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Viper Razor™ front ends are made to the highest standard. The rims are CNC machined Black Delrin, Axles are CNC micro polished Steel and the Razor™ tires are extruded from Silicone rubber. The Razor™ front end offers a high performance light weight, low rolling resistance front end for all levels of enthusiast. No tools required for assembly. Fits Viper V1, BSRT G cars, Wizzard Storm, Tomy SG+, SRT, Turbo, Mega G, Mega G+, Tyco 440X2 and many more.
  • CNC Machined Delrin Rims
  • Micro polished Front axle
  • Extruded Razor™ Silicon Tires
  • Lowest Rolling Resistance possible
  • No tools required for assembly
Recommended Size range below:
Viper V1- .328-.350
Storm- .345-.360
G+ .344-.350
Tyco 440X2 Narrow- .344-.350
Mega G- .360