PST Slip-on Tires Tyco 440X2 Low Pro Fronts (S1 Compound)


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All New PST slip on tires designed specifically for the TYCO 440X2 wide pan as a performance stock replacement front tire.
The new PST™ Pro Slip-on Tires are available in many different sizes and also in three compounds. The “S1” tires are a softer compound for lower down force cars and plastic sectional tracks. The “M1” compound is a medium compound tire for higher down force cars and smoother CNC routed tracks. Last is our “ROCK” tires which are the hardest of all three compounds. ROCKS are typically used on High down force cars. All three compounds offer excellent grip and shed dirt and dust well. The PST tires are extremely durable and will not rip or tear during normal use.  These tires are a great upgrade for any HO slot car. 
  • Fast, smooth, Quiet
  • Wont Rip or Tear
  • Popular Sizes
  • Three Compounds available
  • Long Lasting