JAG Hobbies DK-4 T-Jet Alternative LWB


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Jag DK-4 Long Wheelbase Chassis – A new can motor style T-Jet chassis, Compatible with all AW, Dash, RRR and Aurora bodies, Narrower than the standard Aurora T-jet chassis allows more flexibility with bodies. Can motor reduces maintenance. The High Performance chassis uses a motor that is 70% faster that standard. JAG Hobbies DK-4 chassis feature the following. Silicone front and rear tires, Stainless steel axles, n20 motor, Phosphor Bronze pick-up Shoes ,Delrin gears (7T Pinion / 25 T Crown) Voltage range – 6 to 24 volts (HP chassis, as built, runs best at 12 volts, tires are too small for higher voltage) Axles, wheels and tires tires are compatible with a standard Aurora T-Jet chassis. Chassis are sold in short and long wheelbase but all chassis are adjustable. Wheelbase – 32.4 mm (1.28″) / 35.8 mm 1.41″