Gen4 Endbell with Pro Bushing


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All new VSR “Gen-4” endbell for V1, Super G+ and BSRT G cars. This is a stock replacement for those nearly extinct Mabuchi endbells from Tomy Super G Plus cars that have been out of production for years.

The Viper “Gen-4″endbell comes with arched contact points which improve reliability over the stock Mabuchi SG+ ‘bunny ears’.   Viper Pro Style machined bronze bushing installed as standard.

Note: you do NOT have to use the plastic tensioning ring wtih this new designed part.

This is a great stock replacement part or even a upgrade over stock.


  1. Premium Pro Style bronze bushing now standard
  2. Premium brush material composition optimized for best electrical conductivity
  3. Brush size optimized for maximum contact patch on the armature commutator plates
  4. Innovative endbell front contact plates – “Bunny Ears” – developed by Viper remain the standard
  5. Industry first ‘Spring Plates’ allow the easy installation of motor brush arm helper springs for high amp draw applications
  6. Endbell to bulkhead lock-in features are doubled for maximum retention of endbell timing positions

Photos show installation of brush arm helper springs. These springs are usually pickup shoe springs for Aurora AFX and Magna-Traction style cars.  Springs NOT included.