Difalco Pro Grade Electronic HO Controller DD505


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DD505: Neo H.O. controller. The perfect controller to upgrade from your AFX or any brand stock H.O. controllers. One controller replaces all your resistor controllers. This electronic controller features a wide range sensitivity rheostat to tune the controllers response to MEGA G+, T-jet, brass car, FRAY up to faster modified magnet cars. Comes standard with alligator clips. Your stock controller connectors can be easily spliced onto this controller for easy hook up. Difalco Neo controllers blow all similarly priced controllers out of the water! Packed with features only found on more expensive controllers. Check out our other controllers online if you need a 3 wire hook up or more advanced features.



1) full size sensitivity rheostat. Don’t be fooled by their small blue sensitivity knob. What they do not tell you is that it is only rated for 200 revolutions before it is likely to fail, stopping your controller from working.

2) full size rheostat versus a 3 position switch. No contest here. Why choose a controller with a 3 position switch giving you choices of 120/90/60 or 55/45/35 ohms when our continuously variable rheostat has 100 choices from 120 ohms to 10 ohms?


1) Our controllers feature a ball bearing trigger with a threaded trigger pin and adjustable locknut. Other controllers use a simple tubing pivot or oilites which can wear over time and have side play when new. Our adjustable locknut removes all side play and keeps your wiper button in constant contact with the wiper bands.

2) Our fiberglass reinforced curved trigger is extremely comfortable and strong. That other controller has a open slot in it that makes the trigger flex every time you pull it to full power making it feel flimsy.


1) 3.5′ long wires with alligator clips are standard. Any brand stock connector can be spliced onto our controller wires for easy hook up connections to your power strip.

2) 2 wire hook up. Diode protected transistor is NOT polarity sensitive! Runs on all tracks.

3) Heavy duty wires and trigger shunt and brass power contact means you get all the track power to your car.


1) We have the best handle on the market! No square corners to gouge your hand. Lexan handle is designed to be strong and not flex like other brands. The extended length base makes it a great fit for adult hands while the upper controller section remains small enough for kids and teenagers

2) Please choose a handle color when you order. Black, cobalt blue, gray metallic, silver metallic and clear colors are available.


1) All our designs can be serviced, repaired or upgraded by any racer. No returning to the factory, like other controllers! This is important if you want to avoid other manufacturers costly repair bills or if you are in another country.

2) Ease of maintenance: Your Difalco controller will give you years of trouble free service with a minimum of maintenance. Clearly written instructions are included for every feature.

Please note Handle/Circuit board Color may vary