AFX Tri-Power Pack


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This is the AFX Tri-Power Pack

Take control of your race with the AFX exclusive Tri-Power Pack. New drivers can start at beginner and work their way up to Expert without the frustration of constantly crashing. Simply set the level with the flip of a switch and race!

This is a direct replacement for all AFX/Tomy race sets. Power surges are virtually eliminated from one car to the next during a crash because the Tri-Power Pack features three times more amperage than any other set-based power pack. The Tri-Power Pack allows the user to adjust the voltage (8v,12v, or 22v) to suit the skill level and the type of cars that are running on the track. The Tri-Power Pack is rated at 1-amp. This helps reduce and eliminate power surges on the track. The three levels allow new drivers to learn the right way: one step at a time. As drivers advance, you simply flip the switch up to the next power level.

Set the maximum speed for your skill level, depending on track layout:

Beginner: Cars stay on track about 90% of the turns at full throttle*
Intermediate: Cars stay on track about 60% of the turns at full throttle*
Expert: You are on your own!
* Depending on track layout

With the Tri-Power Pack parents can race with their younger children without the child crashing all the time. And what about those birthday parties when you have a lot of children with different skill levels? The Tri-Power Pack lets them race and all the players get to enjoy themselves.

Key Features

  • 3 Power Levels Instead of 1 – Lets new drivers learn to race without the frustration
  • 3 Times More Amperage – No more power surge when one car goes off the track
  • Track Plug – Standard AFX plug works with any AFX set, old or new, change direction by flipping plug
  • Level Switch – On side of pack, clicks easily between Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert
  • Wall Pack Design – Just plug it into the wall and you’re ready to go
  • Power Plug – Solid state pack is durable and reliable, plug into a wall and go

Input: 120v AC 60Hz
Output: 8v DC @1.0A (Beginner)
12v DC @1.0A (Intermediate)
22v DC @1.0A (Expert)