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How To: Making a Stock Body Look Custom

In this article we will take a traditionally Painted 917 from and turn it into something custom. Check it out…

We start this project out with a Neon Orange 917 Body from . The bodies come with number stickers but the color of the actual circle will vary. Also used in this project is white sticker paper(Cut into a small racing stripe), a fine tipped sharpie, a fat tipped sharpie, silver tipped sharpie, a hobby knife, tweezers, and rubbing alcohol.
First step is to remove the stock number stickers. I did this carefully with the hobby knife. Peeling the corner up and grabbing with the tweezers, I kept the sticker in good condition so that I can reuse. Also in this step I used the rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to remove the Engine detail. Then I used the silver sharpie to detail the air cleaner and the valve cover detail.
In this picture we see that I have colored in around the silver sharpie. I also added the dots in the valve covers to add to the look.
This is where I use the fat sharpie to mark the headlights. While they are drying, you can see I used the fine sharpie to draw a perimeter line around the windows. Also I added the door handles on each side of the body.
Wow this thing is starting to look good. This step I apply the stripe right down the center. I cut it out around the windshield, and engine detail. Also if you notice, I have added two dots on each headlight with the silver sharpie.
This is where we add the finishing touches to our new “Custom” body. I had reapplied the numbers onto the body. Also I have added a “Windshield Wiper” for a added look and to help with wet weather racing. Lastly I have added false fuel cap detail behind each side window. This is achieved by making a big dot on the inside, and making smaller dots around the larger dot.
Here we have the finished product. Achieved with a few markers, white sticker paper, and a steady hand. Enjoy!!