Viper Jet w/ 308 Body (Pick Color)


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The Viper Jet™ is based on the highly popular and successful V1 platform with the addition of CNC machined brass weights. This car is designed to be run on 12 or 18 volts and packs a ton of fun. Cars are very drivable and don’t require CAT like reflexes of today’s modern inline magnet cars. The V1 platform is fully up-gradable and all parts are 100% replaceable. We’re very excited for this version of the V1 to hit the tracks all over the world. 
  • V1 Flex Chassis, Lightweight Bracket, Magnet Clip CLICK HERE PINNED REAR AXLE EXPLAINED
  • Viper Jet™ Razor Front End
  • Viper 6 ohm Armature
  • Pro  4 motor magnets
  • Viper Jet™ Sized PST™ Rear Tires
  • CNC Machined Brass Weights
  • Lightweight Lexan Body