Custom Formula V006


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The Formula V race car is a reliable, fast and fully up-gradable HO Scale Slot car built with high performance parts. Many features on the Formula V RTR are found on our all out race cars at a fraction of the price. If you’re looking a car that will run great on your home set or a car that can be competitive at your local club this is the car for you.  Lots of fun and best bang for your buck. Collect them all
  • Custom Formula V Body
  • V1 High Performance Chassis (Grey) 
  • Razor™ Front end
  • 6 Ohm high output VSR Armature
  • Pro 4  Magnet package
  • CNC Machined VSR rear end setup
  • Sized Production PST™ Tires
  • Great for Club racing and Home sets

Curious as to what other bodies fit the Formula V chassis? Check out our YouTube video showing the different clip types Click Here to see Body Clip Video